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Special Education Department

Special Education Department

Director of Special Services
Heidi Schultz         
1520 N. Bloomington
Streator IL  61364
(815) 672-2926  ext. 6    
Erica Reum
School Psychologist
Social Workers
Beth Lawless - Northlawn
Megan Theisinger - Centennial
Heather Jackson - Kimes 
Speech Pathologists
Toni Cox - Northlawn
Alison Wissen - Centennial
Becky Broedlow - Centennial
Holly Faletti - Kimes
Katie Russow - Kimes
Erica Griglione - Kimes
Amy Naas - Kimes
Becky Beardsley - Northlawn
Shirley Gipson - Northlawn
LeeAnn Kitzman - Northlawn
Melissa Ritter - Northlawn
Deborah Thorne - Northlawn
Mary LeRette - Northlawn
Jan Urbance - Northlawn
Nathan Kitzman - Northlawn
Sarah Roe - Northlawn
Pam Mamer - Northlawn
Chad Puckett - Northlawn
Ashley Klingler - Centennial 
Stacy Richie - Centennial
Tiffany Oakes - Centennial/Kimes
Brenda Averkamp - Centennial
Chrystal Schaffner - Centennial
Bianca Sutton - Centennial
Karen Dye - Kimes
Leslie Petersen - Kimes
Toni Pflibsen - Kimes
Angie Graff - Kimes
Lorena Torres - Kimes
Jordan Berninger - Kimes

General Agenda for IEP Meetings

1. Introductions
2. Purpose of the meeting.
3. All participants sign in indicating their attendance.
4. Review the student’s current performance.
a. current goals and objectives
b. parents, teachers, and student (if appropriate) give input on
grades, skills, and classroom performance
5. Parent provides their vision for their child’s future
6. Discuss and determine new goals
7. Discuss the need for accommodations or modifications -
    classroom and assessment.
8.  Discuss future placement options.
9.  Discuss the need for any special transportation or ESY services.
10. (As needed) Discuss Transition Plan (age 14-1/2 and up) or Behavioral
Intervention Plan.
11. Offer a copy/discussion of Parent’s Rights.
12.  Seek parent’s signature on IEP, which indicates that parents have been
informed of their Special Education Rights and that the IEP
takes effect the next school day. The lack of a parent signature indicates
that the IEP will start in 10 school days.

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