Special Education Department

Special Education Department



Special Education Office

1520 N. Bloomington Street, Streator, IL 61364-1312
Telephone (815) 672-2926 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (815) 672-2926 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 6

General Agenda for IEP Meetings

1. Introductions

2. The Student’s Special Education Case Manager goes over the purpose of

the meeting.

3. All participants sign in indicating their attendance.

4. Review the student’s current performance.

a. current goals and objectives (Case Manager reports on


b. parents, teachers, and student (if appropriate) give input on

grades, skills, and classroom performance

c. all discuss program and placement

5. Parent provides their vision for their child’s future (A brief statement

about goals they would like their child to reach, usually looking a year or

two ahead).

6. All discuss and determine special education goals and placement which

includes: minutes of special education support, general education

activities, and related services for the next 12 months.

a. discuss the need for accommodations or modifications.

b. discuss the utilization of any assistive technology.

c. discuss the need for any special transportation.

7. (As needed) Case Manager reviews the State’s ISAT assessment, district

yearly assessment, Transition plan (age 14-1/2 and up), extended school

year services, medical information, demographic data, and Behavioral

Intervention Plan.

8. Offer a copy/discussion of Parent’s Rights (Illinois State Rules &

Regulations) and the district’s discipline policies/ procedures. Complete

and explain additionally required forms.

9. Seek parent’s signature on IEP, which indicates that parents have been

informed of their Special Education Rights (#8 above) and that the IEP

takes effect the next school day. The lack of a parent signature indicates

that the IEP will start in 10 school days.

Common Questions to be addressed:

What skills will my child be working on? How do my child’s skill levels compare to grade level peers?

What will my child’s schedule look like? (Minutes of service, placement, teachers)

Will my child be getting any help in the general education classrooms? (Accommodations, modifications, co-teaching, teaching assistants)

What are the things impacting my child’s performance? (Peers, home/community, motivation, frustration, or ongoing concerns, e.g. anxiety, attending skills, anger/sadness, impulsivity, attendance)
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