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School District Budget and Finances


Require Listing of Contract Exceeding $25, 000
In accordance with the requirements of 105 ILCS 5/10-20.40), a school district must list on its website all contracts exceeding $25,000, any contract that the Board of Education enters into with an exclusive bargaining representative, and information required to be submitted in conjunction with the submission of the Annual Statement of Affairs. Please click the following link to view a listing of these contracts. Please Click on the Contracts Folder Below.
Collectively Bargained Employee Contracts

In accordance with certain requirements of 105 ILCS 5/10-20.46, a school district must list on its website any contract the Board of Education enters into with an exclusive bargaining representative. The collective bargaining agreement for Streator Elementary School District is as follows:
Fiscal Year General Budget Information

Streator Elementary School District 44 currently maintains a total of nine funds that includes the following by fund number: Education (10), Operations & Maintenance (20), Debt Service (30), Transportation (40), Municipal Retirement & Social Security (50), Capital Projects (60), Working Cash (70), Tort Immunity/Judgment (80) and Fire Prevention & Safety (90). The Fiscal Year runs from July through June. Normally the vast majority of school district expenditures are from the Education Fund, as this fund provides the educational staffing and programming for the district. This includes expenditures for most employee salaries and benefits, supplies, equipment, textbooks, and other instructional costs.

Public Budget Presentation and Adoption

The Illinois School Code mandates that each school district prepare a tentative budget, make the tentative budget available for public inspection for a minimum of 30 days, and hold a public hearing and formally adopt the budget prior to the end of the first quarter, September 30, of each fiscal year. The fiscal year tentative budget was presented in August. The final budget is presented at a public hearing and adopted by the Board of Education in September.

The link to the district's current Illinois State Board of Education Budget Form is listed below. The Budget Summary, a pictorial review of the budget in an outline format, is also linked below.
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