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Accelerated Reader:
To check if any book has an AR quiz, go to http://www.arbookfind.com/ and search by Author or Title.
Library Catalogs
The library catalog can be accessed online! Click on the Library Book Catalog link in the left column, choose your school and search to see what books are on the shelf.

For teachers, audio visual materials are cataloged in the attachment at the bottom of this page. There are over 900 curriculum-related audiovisual items (videos, DVDs, posters, Big Books, booklets, kits, puppets, etc.) that are stored at the Ad Building or at Northlawn. The attachment also has a list of the class sets of books that are stored at the Ad building. Each class set has between 9 and 30 copies of the same title, and the exact number is listed for each book. A separate document with our audiobooks available to teachers at Northlawn is also attached.

AV items can be searched for in Excel by subject (or title if you click on the "AV by Title" bar at the bottom of the workbook once the file is open). Class sets are listed on the third tab at the bottom of the page; these are arranged by author. You can also search using the Find function (control+f in Excel).

Each item in the AV catalog contains a call number, title and description, Grade level and location (Admin building or Northlawn). To request an item, please send the Call #, Title, and Date you want it to Georgia Zito (gzito@ses44.net) a few days in advance of the date the video or kit is needed.

Each item in the Class Set Catalog contains an author's name, title, AR level and points, and number of copies. To request a class set, please send the Author's name, Title, Number of copies you need (if you want fewer than the total number we have), and Date you want it to Georgia Zito (gzito@ses44.net) a few days in advance of the date the books are needed.
Grade levels are roughly P=K-3, I=4-6, J=6-8
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